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Perryville middle students win peace poster contest Perryville middle students win peace poster contest The perryville lions club recently held its international peace poster contest and the three winners from the perryville junior high school were invited to an awards dinner in november. This was the 25th year for theInternationalreach and"International"Contest and the school had about 55 participants.Details were:Start, audra dodson;Second room, megan murphy;And third arrange, hannah campbell.All were given a plaque and a cash award. Christian's poster was forwarded one stage further of competition, and is also district 22b.If she wins in that respect, she would play competitively with districts 22a, b, d in addition to w.These five encompass all of maryland causing all of delaware.We are very satisfied with our winners and have on display megan and hannah's posters at the perryville library.A thousand due to the art teacher, donna steck mcmahon.The perryville lions club is proclaiming to offer you a visit with santa and for $5 you may get a picture taken.Santa will be there each saturday keep away from. Upper chesapeake chorus will sponsor a festive craft bazaar http://www.jarrod.com.au/pandora-bracelets.html at st.Paul's lutheran ceremony, 201 mount regal ave.In aberdeen on weekend.Choices will be crafts, x-Mas items, baked possessions, hotdogs and drinks.Listen to christmas a cappella singing several option.Shop. Don't forget to browse the holly tree in perryville during the christmas holidays. A pitch of"Any gift giving (click here) occasion enchantment"Of the cecil dance theatre will be held at milburn stone theatre sat and sunday, dec. Two bingos have been slated for january. Upabout friday, january.At street.Paul's lutheran church's fellowship community centre, 201 Pandora Australia:http://www.jarrod.com.au/ mt.Noble ave.All the way through aberdeen.Lottery deals are $12, $5 for additional.Sponsored by aberdeen graduating dance team.Tickets ready by calling brenda conjour, 410 273 7332. Up friday, january.Tobin file 128, 44 m.Parke Pandora Gold Beads e, aberdeen.Sponsored by aberdeen graduating college girls basketball team.Tickets accessible by calling brenda conjour, 410 273 7332.Citations are $12, $5 for added. Best wishes to the following past grand matrons and past grand patron of the grand chapter of maryland on their recent appointments as committee chairpersons or committee members of the general grand chapter of the order of theEastern star:John adeline bradford, chairman of advertising;Wilma n.Thompson, chairman through belmont ball;E.Ernestine Hale, Person in the youth committee; JonEach.Thompson, person in the scottish rites charities committee.Consist of three year terms.Wonderful one and all. Mother patricia gluck, worthy matron and acting worthy patron brother russell bonchu of woodlawn chapter 101 order of the eastern star greeted the worthy grand matron and worthy grand patron and other grand officers at their grand visitation rights meeting.Those viewed by the worthy matron were debbie hribar, valuable enough grand matron;James hall, suitable grand patron;Bette bowen, affiliate grand matron;Fees gunn, accomplice grand patron;Donna almony, grand assistant;Claudia easton, overall conductress;Nancy kia, correlate grand conductress;Jon thompson to joan morris, huge trustees;Elaine niemeyer, large chaplain;Jean occasion, grand chalk talk;Judy birckhead, great marshal;Toby harvie, fantastic adah;Beverly geisler, special ruth;Loretta donaldson, remarkable electa;Sheryl peters, large warder;Cecil jones, wonderful sentinel;And that i, the wonderful martha. Highlights of the evening were the presentation of a grand adviser appointment to addison caracciolo to the state of colorado.Caracciolo ties together his wife, maggie, who is serving as a grand agent to virginia.Enrolling the hive hoppers club were sister marcia betz and patricia gluck.Gluck greeted all her guests with greetings involved with cupcakes.Her reducing remark was quite cute: "May all your words be covered with cupcakes could be enough to eat them, woodlawn chapter is is know for past grand matron cheryl johnson.A number of the members of her grand family were present including bob scheller, bonnie devers, joan morris and regina widderich and also the grand wife, maggie scheller. Arundel chapter 80 order of the eastern star held its grand visitation rights meeting honoring the worthy grand matron and worthy grand patron and other grand officers.The worthy matron sister gladys watsic greeted this approach grand officers hribar;Area;Bowen;Gunn;Easton;Honda;Thompson;Morris;Niemeyer;Odd;Birckhead;Donna runyan, special organist;Harvie;Geisler;Donaldson;Peters;Jones and i also. It was with quite a few pleasure that the worthy grand matron presented a 50 year membership certificate and pin to sister robin fuchs.Also beverly geisleer and i taken in our respective stations for the worthy matron.


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